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Plying of Woolen Yarn

Plying of Woolen Yarn

""In the process of carpet making, the first step is Plying of Woolen Yarn. We have a huge space where the yarn is plied. We give utmost care to this process as it is the initial step.

Wool - its structure and properties:-

Wool has been used from the earliest history of carpet construction because the early rug makers were nomadic sheep herders. Since then rug making has been associated with the technology of the wool industry and this tradition has provided the benchmark by which other fibers are compared Of all the textile fibers, wool is by far the most complex.

Wool consists of a protein named keratin, which has an intricate structure of long-chain molecules. There are many cross-linkages (or chemical bonds) between the long, coiled chains, and this structure is largely responsible for the outstanding elastic properties of wool, its strength, and durability. The unique surface scales (the cuticle), which cover the fibers and the wavelike crimp shape give wool its special characteristics. Of all the carpet fibers wool has the farther highest capacity to absorb moisture.

Wool types for carpets:-

The types of wool used for tufted carpets  Handmade Silk carpets, hand knotted carpets, woolen carpets, woolen silk carpets, and rugs. may be classified into three main groups. These are used in differing proportions in blends, depending on the quality (which controls the price) and type of carpet to be made.""
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Handspun Process

Handspun Process

"The second step of carpet making process is Handspun Process. We have many semi-skilled & skilled people working in this process.
Small sized rug, such as the one with the size of 1 square meter, requires about 3 kg of handspun wool. It takes up to six weeks for the fleece to regrow sufficiently to provide effective insulation.

Handspun wool naturally requires more labor and thus rugs woven with handspun wool are more costly. But, the hand spinning process is less abrasive to the wool.  
Hand spinning takes more time and care, but produces a stronger tighter fiber and gives jobs to people rather than machines. The result is a finer, denser, more durable weave in the finished rug."
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The next step is that of "Stitching". Here the rugs pieces are stitched firmly with high-quality fabrics & threads. Here also we have a number of employees taking care of the same.
Hand Stitching where we are able to make bordered rugs and carpets all sewn by our experienced and skilled tradesmen  & the edge to make sure you have a nice clean smooth edge for regular binding. 

Binding is typically the easiest and least expensive method of finishing and a carpet edge. Binding the edge of a carpet involves wrapping a strip of fabric (which is generally made from either polyester or cotton) around the edge of the carpet and stitching it in place.

using Stitching technique When cutting right, your carpet pieces will both have a straight, smooth edge on them, and they will fit together perfectly. Make sure the nap of the carpet on both pieces is going in the same direction, and then you can insert the seam tape.
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"After stitching, the next step we follow is "Washing". Here also, like all the other steps we have skilled & semi-skilled people to carry out the process.

Carpet Washing Service to our precious customers & These Carpet Washing Services is executed by our team of skilled and well-trained manpower utilizing modern machinery. Besides, these services are delivered within the stipulated time period."
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Finishing Stage

Finishing Stage

Next & the final & indisputably the most crucial stage is the "Finishing Stage". Here the carpets are given finishing & detailing is taken care of. For this, we have skilled workers.
the finishes are given to them and the different applications they are put to. When it comes to carpet manufacturing, different techniques are adopted. 

Once the yarn is woven into a rug, there are few steps in the final processing of the rugs.

  • Trimming, washing, and drying of the rug – After the weaving, the rug is taken off from the loom for its trimming. The surface of the rug is smoothening out by removing extra hanging fibers. Pointed sharp scissors are used for this leveling. This trimming brings out the clarity in the design of the rug. After trimming, the rug is washed with detergent and later with only with clean water to get rid of all the dirt and leftover detergent. A wood plank with a sharp edge is used to force water through rug for better cleansing. Later the rug is left under sunlight for drying for about four-five days.
  • Rug shaving and leveling - are again done after rug has completely dried. This enhances the design, colors, and levels the rug along its length and breath. This happens o be the most delicate part of the carpet finishing process.
  • Stretching of this rug – After the leveling, the rug is stretched from all the sides with help of a metal frame for a day or two to assure the exact size and shape of the rug.
  • Protective measurements – The appearance of the carpet is locked and preserved with the use of fluorochemicals that protects from discoloration and soiling. These chemicals do not tamper the color or shine of the Indian carpets.
  • Backing systems – A cushion may be attached to the rug (to which yarn is interweaved through tufting needles) to provide more stability to the structure. In some cases, a bonding adhesive is applied to secure the rug for a longer time. Synthetic latex or vinyl is used to laminate the physical properties of the rug.
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